Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am 14 months old!

lalala I have so much to blog about.

Firstly, I have to rave about my walking. I walked around 13 months and after a month of walking, I have to say I LOVE IT! Since learning to walk, I decided that crawling is boring. EVen for short distances, I would get up and walk. I also have no concept of when not to walk. Like, I will be on the bed, and to get something from the other side of the bed, I would walk and tumble (since the bed to wobbly). I also get frustrated when I fall down while walking. I would let out a wahhhh and everyone continues to ignore me, so I just get up and walk again. I amd trying to walk up the stairs instead of crawling up, and mummy is not allowing me. no fun.

oh, I also learned how to read my books the right way up around 13 months. This was driving mummy nuts as she always corrected my books when I read them upside down. Now that I can do it myself, she is happy. I love books too. If mummy and daddy read books to me all day, I would sit next to them and turn the pages for them. Sometimes, they tell me to read on my own, so I sit down and flip pages and make some noises, since I can't say the words yet.

Although I can't say the words, I do know many many words and can point items out as my parents name them. I enjoy pointing to the items and sometimes daddy is surprise I know what it is. It is actually because mummy already taught me the name of the item..:)

Oh, just last week, I learned how to throw tantrums. When I get upset, I get extremely whiny and cry. Sometimes I even lay my whole body on the floor. I don't understand why daddy and mummy ignore me when I throw my tantrums. Eventually I get bored, and I play with my other toys. I also learn to fake cry when I fall down to see if anyone comes and rescues me. So far, this technique has not worked as well.

oh, one of the times I usually throw a tantrum is when daddy takes me out of the bath tub. I love bathing, so when it is over, I get very upset. I want to splash in the tub all day! Mummy has to promise to let me turn off the lights while she dresses me, so that she can distract me. Turning off and on the lights are fun.

Around 13 months, I also decided not to take my 2nd nap in the afternoon. Since I don't nap, I am extremely tired by 7pm and when I am fed dinner, I start to fall asleep at the table. My parents end up just giving me soup instead of milk when I go to bed at 7.15pm.

Mummy has been talking about how the daylight savings will be good for me. I think she is right, cos now, I sleep at 8pm (it was 7pm before the dayligt savings time) and wake up at 6.30pm (instead of 5.30am)

Here is video of me and my monkey.

Ohh, mummy asked me to keep a secret. I will have to tell you all what it is soon.....:) come back to the blog and check it out......

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Adeline Chin said...

what's the secret?? tell me tell me