Monday, February 23, 2009

Ok, I admit – In-laws are great!

*** this post is one week late!****
Yes, they are.

We spent last weekend in San Francisco as we attended Chanh’s post wedding dinner.Since it was a 8 course Chinese dinner, we figured we were better off leaving Ryan with the in-laws so he doesn’t get tortured having to sit down for the longest time..:)

It was nice to have immediate baby-sitters (not to mention FREE) and to feel comfortable knowing that Ryan is in good hands.
We also got a chance to take a nap together before the dinner. Ryan has decided to skip his afternoon nap, so while we (Gordon and I) napped, he was in the living room playing with my FIL and MIL.

And, he totally loves his grandpa! He would give him smiles, and crawls over to be carried by grandpa. He actually chooses grandpa over mummy and daddy. Hehehehe. He would even cry when grandpa leaves the room!

Anyways, he went to sleep fine around 8pm while we were at dinner. However, he decided to wake up at 9.15pm and pointed towards the bed (hoping to see Gordon or myself) and when we were not there, he decided not to sleep anymore! My MIL tried to put him back to sleep, but to no avail..

So, when we walked in around 11.15pm, we saw my big eye baby looking at us in the living room. Ahhh! He did not have any issues going back to sleep when I put him back to bed but… I thought it was funny that he refused to sleep until he saw us.

We were able to try out some new restaurants during the weekend. I wanted to eat some Mediterranean food, so we tried out Old Jeruselam in the mission district. Gordon doesn’t like Mediterranean food, but decided to take me out since it was V-day. So, together with my in-laws and Henry, we headed to Mission district.

The food actually turned out pretty good. The free appetizer (pita bread with some dips) was great. We ordered a few set plates (one with three meat combo and one with chicken only), a sandwich, and potato and eggs (henry ordered this one and it was just like the name – potato and eggs).

Dinner was at Zen Peninsula for Chanh’s event. Loads of food and loads of just talking to people and having fun.:)
Sunday lunch, we tried out the Woodhouse Fish Company in the Castro. We ordered Fish and Chips, lobster sandwich, calamari and clam chowder. The food was so so only. I think we ordered too much fried stuff, so it was kinda hard to eat everything..:P
Oh, after the dinner with Chanh, we also went to check out Gordon's cousin dessert place on Irving St (SF). They just recently opened the place, and it has all the desserts, like mango sago, fresh sugar cane, jellos... pretty cool. We tried the pandan jello in a coconut (never seen it made like this before and it was good)
That’s it for our weekend. It was fun, and rainy… and of course, cold! 

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