Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ryan's Red Egg and Ginger Party.

Last Saturday, we celebrated Ryan's Full Moon... Here, we call it the Red Egg and Ginger party..:)

My friend Ee Ling says we should be celebrating Ryan's two and the half full moons.... We were suppose to celebrate this event one month after Ryan was born..:)

Anyways, the celebration was at Lucky River Restaurant in San Francisco. We were able to book the upstairs and we were the only customers upstairs. We had 5 tables..

Ryan was dressed up in a red set of clothes (bought by his Uncle Soon Jin..) We liked it; suited the occasion.

The event was mostly about everyone getting to meet Ryan and for us to see friends. He was well-behaved after taking a little nap. He allowed everyone to carry him :D

The meal was good; we had about 8 dishes with lots of leftovers.

We also had a cake for him and door gifts for everyone.

Our guest were very nice. Some of them brought toys and clothes and others gave Ryan red packets with generous cash amounts. We plan to put the money in Ryan's bank account..:)

Here are some group pictures:

Thank you everyone for coming..:)


Cindee said...

cool whiz, ryan's red clothes really marks the occasion..he stands out ;)..wished i cld carry him too!@!! muah muah

Brian said...

Hi there-

My son is about to have his red egg and ginger party. Where did you get the red suit he is wearing? I love it.