Friday, November 02, 2007

The joys of being Pregnant...

For those reading my blog... you are probably wondering why I do not blog about my pregnancy...

the truth is...the pregnancy is going so well that I don't have much to blog about..:)

I did not get hit with any morning sickness or cravings.... that is kind of the first question most people ask me when they found out I was pregnant.....

I am now in my 30th week... and everything is still going fine. I do have the occassional backache, indigestion, tiredness.... but mostly, I have been moving around easily and been actually less moody... (Gordon is loving this... and thinks I should get pregnant more).

I also forget that I am pregnant at times and try and squeeze thru shopping aisles and hitting my tummy. I also hit my tummy on the bathroom doors when I forget that my tummy is now bigger and it gets in the way...:)

My initial thought about pregnancy was that I get to eat more and eat anything I want. I guess I was wrong.... since I feel bad eating junk food and chocolates cos I do not want my baby to get all the bad nutritions.... I also don't feel like eating at times as there seems to be little space in my stomach to hold in food... so, lately it's been smaller meals...........

As the next two months progresses, it would be interesting to see how things go..... when I initially looked at pregnancy clothes and clothes that were hand-me-downs, I was like "i will never wear these because they look too big.." Now I realized that I will be wearing them because my tummy is bigger and I can fit into the clothes... it's funny how much I can be in denial..>:D

The few questions I hear nowadays are :

1. When are you due?
2. Is it a boy or girl?
3. Do you have a name yet?


All in all, it has a been a great experience and I am loving it..:D:D

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