Saturday, November 03, 2007

Little Sheep Mongolia Hot Pot

I forgot to blog about this one...

While Gordon was away, Anastasia invited me a dinner organised by Annie at Little Sheep Mongolia Hot Pot.

Yes, the name kinda sounds weird... but this is a hot pot place in Union City. They also have another restaurant in San Mateo that just opened.
As usual, this is another great recommendation from Anastasia. The minute you walk into the restaurant, you smell the herbal soup.. and it smells SO GOOD! The soup in served in a pot and is divided in two parts; the spicy soup and the not spicy soup; in the soup was lots of garlic, red dates and other herbs.

Ordering is done by marking what you want on a paper (this is not a buffet)............ we had around 13 people in the group..... and as the paper went around, people kept adding check marks to the orders...... we totally over ordered.. there were like 15 plates of meats of all kinds.. including beef, lamb, pork, pigs blood, tendon, tripe.. many plates of seafood including squid and fish, lots of vegetables including taro...fishballs, beefballs. shrimp balls...... there was SO much food.....but it was fun to keep eating and trying different stuff in the spicy and non-spicy soup.

I really enjoyed the meal.. but of course, I over-ate..:)

Will definitely have to go back during this winter... the soup was sooooo good...:)

Picture taken from phone camera..(Gordon took my camera to Asia with him)..........

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