Thursday, October 25, 2007

Anastasia's Surprise Birthday

On Saturday, we attended Anastasia's surprise bday party in San Francisco. Her darling husband, Percy and fren, Kelly planned this one for her like weeks in advance.

The surprise party was held at Pres A Vi, a restaurant in the marina area. The location of the restaurant is hidden, but it has great views of the Palace of Fine Arts. As always, we have never heard of the restaurant, but Percy knew the place and when Percy and Anastasia recommend a place, it is always good..:)

Since Anastasia is super popular, she had a total of like 27 guest for her surprise party.... so we had a huge room and her frens brought balloons, hats, table toppers, horns and lots of noisemakers. It was fun...:) Anastasia was also a good sport and wore silly head pieces and a badge that says "kiss the bday girl".
The food was good as well. Percy went ahead and pre-ordered and the food was served tapas style. About 4-5 people shared each dish, but we definately ended up with a lot of food and leftovers as well.

On the menu was, Duck buns, Hamachi, papaya salad, tomato risotto, ratatouille, hanger steak and chocolate raspberry cake.... what a meal!

Click here to view more photos from the party. We had a blast! We also met up with some people we have not seen in a couple of years/months...:) Happy Birthday Anastasia!!

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