Monday, November 12, 2007

Eat, eat, eat...

Much of last weekend was spent eating.....

We started of Saturday checking out wedding dresses with Ee Ling at the San Francisco Jewerly Center. This one was quick, as the shopkeeper had many appointments ahead of us and she rushed us through the dresses.... ee ling now has too many choices for dresses!!!Yikes... and she is suppose to make her decision real soon.....

For lunch, Gordon and I decided to eat on our own.... we are trying to do more stuff on our own the next few weeks before we have visitors and baby come...:) We were trying to decide between Burma Superstar Restaurant and Osha Thai... but as we were driving, we saw Koh Samui and the Monkey, and since we always wanted to try the food there, we stopped at Koh Samui..:)

The restaurant was very quiet for a Saturday afternoon... maybe it was because they only serve the dinner menu on weekends..... we ended up ordering two main dishes; Crushed sesame scallops and Pumpkin curry chicken. The food was decent.... think would have been more fun with a bigger crowd so we can try other foods..:)

After our little lunch date, we headed over to Chinatown so that I could cut my hair.... it was raining in SF, but the little rain did not stop us from doing stuff...nothing like the big rain in Malaysia that includes thunderstorms!

Dinner was at Gordon's mom's house.... we wanted some home cook food... so his mom made us tofu, veges, and his dad bought us a huge fish that cost 30 bucks.... i guess that's a good deal since we would have to pay like 60 bucks if we went out to a restaurant for fish..:D

Since we had no other plans, we decided to spend the rest of the night playing mah-jong....:) yeah, we played till 1am...*yawn*..... Henry played as well... but he claim he was learning and did not want to pay up.............. anyways, it was fun.... made the brains work a little..

Sunday was mostly lazing around... Lunch was at Burger Meister in Daly City. This is the first time we tried the burgers here....burgers were huge, so Gordon and I shared and his parents shared one too... we tried the The Meister Burger aka the Everything Burger with Avocado, Bacon, Mushroom, Onions and your choice of Cheese... i loved the curly garlic roasted fries... yum!

In the afternoon, we took a walk on Ocean Beach to see the impact of the oil spill - I am sure everyone heard about the cargo ship that hit the Bay Bridge and caused 50,000 gallons of oil to spill into the water. I can't believe how much oil can spill out... the poor birds and sea animals! Worst of all, they may cancel the crab season for this year..... no fresh crabs!! arghh..... Here is a picture of the cleaning crew on the beach..... they had to scoop the oil that was washed to shore.... very manual labor.

Here is myself and Gordon getting our pictures with the ocean..:)

The weekend ended with dinner with Gordon's cousins and family at Gordon's mom's house.... we ordered some sushi to go, some duck, some siew yook, some sweet and sour pork and his mom made pigs stomach soup, noodles, lor-mai-fan and veges... It was nice to just hang out and play with Gordon's cousin's kids before we headed home to Castro Valley...:D

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Will said...

Wow, never seen an oil spill in real life. That must be surreal.
Sucks it will kill crab season. Hope it doesn't destroy any of those bird sanctuaries. Lucky it happened in winter, I guess.