Sunday, November 04, 2007

Nail spa and tea..:)

The minute I found out Gordon was heading to HK, I made plans to hang out with some gal frens..:) An email went out, and we decided to pamper ourselves and eat some good food..

Our first stop today was to a nail spa; Lavende Nail Spa in Santana Row. Six gals met at the location.... Ee Ling, Lily, Helen, Sook Yee, Linda and myself..five gals pampered themselves with manicures and Linda got herself a pedicure.... It was nice to just sit there and get good treatment on our hands while we chit chat and catch up.

As with all manicure/pedicure places, the seats were mostly apart. Linda, Lily and I sat near each other, Helen and Ee Ling sat next to each other, and Sook Yee was way on the other side. It would have been nice to be al put in one room so that we could all talk to each other.....

After the pampering, we headed over to Lisa's Tea Treasures, also in Santana Row. Helen was not able to stay for food with us as baby Kaylyn was crying and would not take the bottle... so she headed home....I think if I have a girls day out after baby is born, I will ask Gordon to hang out near the restaurant and I will feed when needed..:P that way, I can still join my frens when the feeding is done....:D:D

The tea place was nice.... we all ordered individual orders; I got the "My Lady's Respite" menu with came with lots of sandwiches, a scone, some tarts, and a choc cream puff... I sat next to Ee ling, who ordered "The Summer Regatta"... we kinda shared the food, so she could try some of mine and I tried some of hers..... it was a good size high tea and of course we had lots of girl talk.... :)

After eating, we walked around Santana Row; bought some fruits from the farmer's market, checked out some shops, checked out Hotel Valencia....

We also dropped Sook Yee home and was able to check out her new place.. They bought a house in Santa Clara and just moved in two weeks ago.... I liked the place... huge yard, nice kitchen, cool design..:)

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Anonymous said...

So glad you had a lovely time!! Great pictures. I am checking this out tonight and can access the photos, and boy do the food make me hungry. Keep up the EXCELLENT photography!

ADL =)