Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Four Day Weekends are the BEST!

Happy Thanksgiving! We just completed a four day weekend, since it was Thanksgiving.

We started Thursday with dinner at Charles and Nancy's house. It was a nice Thanksgiving dinner... no turkey but there was ham with pineapple.

I made some carrot cake for Gordon's bday and brought it along as our contribution.

As you all know, the day after Thanksgiving is the Black Friday sales.... as usual, we were tempted to go out, so we woke up around 3.30am and headed out with Henry (Gordon's brother).

We dropped off Henry at Circuit City around 3.50am and headed to Mervyns. Mervyns was giving out 10 dollar gift cards for the first 250 people, so we both got one each. There was also a deal if you spend 50 bucks, you get a 10 bucks gift card....... we bought some toys, electric blanket (for my mom) and headed out...this was quick since we knew what we wanted and we were one of the first in line to pay..:)

After that I dropped Gordon off to join Henry (the line was wrapped around the building! maybe 500 people????!?!?) I headed off to Kohls to see the deals... but, the line to pay at Kohls was way too long and I did not feel like queueing so I headed over to Babies R Us around 5am.

The deal at Babies R Us was the Babies R Us Diapers.... normal price, 22.50... on sale for 10 bucks a box.... everyone was rushing for this one,so I decided to join the madness.:) I bought around 7 boxes of diapers (i may have bought more, but I knew Gordon's car could not fit more).........

By now, Gordon realized that he was not going to get any deals from Circuit City and headed over to Office Depot to see the deals... he was able to get in and bought 2 logitech camera for 5 bucks each (mail in rebate).... Henry continued to stand in line.... he was not able to get in the store till 6am (store opened at 5am but there was crowd control and they let small groups of people in the store at a time). By the time Henry got in, most deals were gone and line to pay was way too long...

I headed over to Target which opened at 6am and was able to pick up a V-Rocker Game chair for Gordon (his bday present)..:D Picture of Gordon enjoying his chair while playing Resident Evil 4.

This was the end of our shopping experience. It was fun...... my co-worker told me that her husband stood in line at 7pm the day before at Circuit City in Dublin and was able to score a 400 bucks laptop. Since he had to pay as well, he did not get out of Circuit City until 9am the next day..... urm.... 10 hours to get a 300 dollar discount..... mmmmmm

We continued the fun weekend by having dinner with Mei, Jennie and Henry at Town Hall Restaurant in San Francisco. There has been a lot of talk about this restaurant about the good food, so we decided to try it.

We decided to order a bunch of appetizers to share and one main meal.
Here is what we ordered:
1. Bottle of white wine
2. Tuna tartare
3. Roasted Baby Beets and Shaved Fennel
4. Barbecued Shrimp (our favourite)
5. Braised Short Ribs
6. Sauteed Scallops
7. Seared Hamachi
8. Roasted Veal Meatballs
9. Sweet Onion Sausage Fondue

Dessert was:
1. Pear Upside Down Cake
2. Butterscotch and Chocolate Pot the Creme
3. Creole Tiramisu

It was quite a meal... not sure we would go back though....:P

We continued the night by playing mahjong with Mei and Gordon's dad. Of course, I lost money.... seriously, with mahjong, it is all about luck..... for the first round, my seat was so bad and my cards came out horrid. Gordon's dad ended up on my seat the second round and did not win once..... anyways... Mei was the winner! We played till 2 am..


Saturday was Gordon's bday and it was mostly about eating..:) For lunch, we had dimsum and dinner we tried out the Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in San Mateo. The wait was an hour since the place is new. No pictures for this one..

Sunday.... Lily decided to have a small get-together before she leaves for New Zealand... surprisingly nearly everyone turned up. I got a chance to have some durian... yummy..:) The guys ended up in front of the Wii and the gals ended up having a nice chit chat about life.

Pictures above of Baby Alexis and Baby Kaylyn.... aren't they SO cute?

Can we have more four day weekends?

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u're really getting good at this blogging thing :)
And i finally get to see a pic of you with big baby belly...lookin good!!!