Saturday, December 22, 2007

Long Silence?

no.. baby is not here yet..

but, my mom is in town... and my sis and bro in-law are in town as well!!


My mom arrived on Nov 28..... followed by my uncle Kam Yoon and aunty Sue who arrived from UK from Dec 1-7.....then, my mom's fren, Sarah arrived from Dec 17-20 and my sis and Soon Jin arrived today! This is why I have been sooooo quiet..;)

In between all these arrivals, I had multiple baby showers.... one from my frens, one from Gordon's cousins and one more from work.... so, yes, I have been busy going thru the gifts...*happiness* and writing some thank you cards.......

How time flies.

Baby is still incubating.... I need him to stay in there until at least January, I shall NOT over-exert myself. I am still feeling healthy and things are the same, but everyone keeps telling me I look like I am ready to pop! I am NOT ready to pop... I don't even feel the "nesting" period yet..... grrrr.... and the house is still a mess..

So, I need to blog about all the gifts i got... and also the food I have been eating and also, the places I have been going....

until I update again, have a merry christmas!

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Tze & Yeesin said...

Hang in there, fellow pea-podder. You're just weeks away, we still have 3 months or so to go... :)