Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is almost here

hello blog! Yes, having two kids has taken a lot of my time so less time to blog... I have also been busy trying out some Yoga classes at this new yoga place that was having a deal..$25 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes. I made it to about 8 classes over the last two weeks. Yoga is easy, but there were a few pilates classes and the teacher is tough. I kept wondering when the hour would be over so I could go home....

Job hunting is also keeping me busy....

The boys are growing tooo quickly. Ryan loves to talk talk talk. I think this is the cutest age (26 months old), but I am sure things will get even better. He is a good kid.. loves to play, loves to be cheeky, loves to test us...haha. But, I am of the opinion that he is a good two year old..:)

Here is a video of Ryan and Dylan...

Dylan has his 6 month old appt tomorrow.. yes, 6 months already! He can sit on his own and can do the occassional roll from front to back and back to front. He will blog soom about his 6 month bday..:)

We watched Disney On Ice a couple of weeks back. Thanks Rick and Helen for the free tickets at the Oakland Arena. They had tickets to the suites area. We beleive this is the only way to watch a show... as the suite had a sofa, own bathroom, a fridge filled with drinks and lots of spaces to sit. Ryan enjoyed the first show, the cars theme skating. After that, he watched a little more, walked around and decided to take hs nap on the sofa...

Dylan of course just enjoyed being out of the house..

We made it to Superfranks the other day and here is a pic of the boys in their matching outfit (I kinda like matching them up.... need to go shopping to buy them more matching stuff...)

Yes, our days have been extremely fun with two kids. We are not busy... we are just trying to spend time with the kids..:) We made it to the zoo the other day and Ryan had a blast. He saw the cars going round and round and wanted to get in... so, in he went and he actually sat in there alone while the car went round and round. He also went on the carousel. We wanted to sit on the train, but the line was soo long. Next time i guess.

The zoo is fun since we are members. We can go like at 3pm and it's still ok...hehhehe..

Alright, will end here with a video of the boys learning and playing...:)

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