Friday, March 05, 2010

Ryan @ 26 months

I definitely need to blog about Ryan. These two months have just been amazing. His vocabulary has increased 100x and he can make sentences that amazes me..:)

We loved it that he can communicate. The best is that he can tell us when he is hungry and tells us when he is sleepy. So much less crying and whining..

Ryan can also so many words in cantonese (learned from his grand-parents). When I cannot understand something, he would say it in english and then in cantonese.

He also response to us in cantonese. When I say something in english, he would say the chinese word.

For example, I would say "mummy hungry" and he would say "mummy tu cher er" (that's in mandarin).

And instead of saying "Ryan sleepy", he would say "Ryan fan kou kou" (cantonese).

It's like he is showing off that he knows the words in cantonese as well as english....

He sure picks up the cantonese words quickly from the grandparents.

When prompted, he can count 1-10, his favourite being 5 and 10.... :)

He doesn't like tv/dvd. He would ask us to put it on, watch it for 1 minute and leave. He still enjoys books, play-doh and going out.

We started Ryan on basketball classes. Gordon takes him for these, so I don't know what they do. He has come back knowing how to run backwards. I took him swimming at Hayward Plunge once (public heated pool) and he loved it. He has been asking to go back...

Oh, the imitation has also started. He would say whatever we say. Like... he would go to the stairs and say "Gordon, bring milk for di-di". (and I did not even ask him to tell daddy to bring milk!). It was super funny..:) He also picked up "oh my gosh" from Gordon.

Potty training is going great. Ryan knows when he has his pull-ups on and pees in it if needed. If he doesn't have it, he would tell us that he needs to pee-pee or poo-poo. Diapers are still needs for sleeping.

And yes, the haircut is from Gordon.... looks like a bowl was put on his head and snip snip snip.

Ryan sleeps 9pm to 6.30am and naps from 1.30-3.30pm.

Ahh, life is definitely easier for us at this age. I love that he is super understanding about me spending time with Dylan and he loves his little brother...:)

Tonight, I was in bed with him and I got 15 kisses from him. tooo sweet (big smiles on my face..)

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