Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am 2 years and 2.5 months old.

It's me, Ryan!

Sorry for the long and quiet hiatus. My little brother has been keeping me busy!

Here are some updates about me me and me.

1. I can talk now. I know a lot of words and when I say a word and my parents don't understand, I get frustrated and keep saying the same thing until they figure it out. I also know how to mix cantonese and english. When we pass a freeway and I see the freeway on top, I say "flyover". Daddy says I am smarty-pants:P

2. I love my daddy. I prefer daddy to put me sleep and when I wake up, I look for daddy. It's daddy everything for me. When daddy says go "kai-kai", I say "bye-bye mummy, bye-bye di-di". I happily go kai-kai and I cry when daddy starts driving home.

3. I was at in-and-out today, and I ate all the tomotoes in the burger. I also love the ketchup with fries. I prefer american food to asian food and ask for hamburger all the time.

4. My junk food preferences are like mummy's. I like dark chocolate. I like tangerine peel. I like Pringles. I like durian. When I eat ice cream, I only like to eat the chocolate coating the ice-cream. I don't care for the ice cream.

5. I like going to the "toy store". This includes Walmart and Target and Ross as I get to walk around and see thr toys. I don't ask for buy anything. I just like to hold stuff and walk around.

6. I like to observe the other kids when the play. I won't join them. I would just stare and stare and when they are done playing with something, I would take the item and play with it.

7. I completed 8 basketball classes. It was fun just running around with daddy. I learned how to run backwards, jump up and down and put the ball in the hoop. Mummy thinks it is expensive; 10 bucks for half hour, but i think it is invaluable, since I get to spend time with daddy and learned to listen to the teacher ..;)

8. I always want to go to ye-ye's and aunty michelle's house. i wish my parents would bring me there more often.

9. I love to share my toys with Dylan. I would bring Dylan's toys to him in the morning and even pass him my plate or cup. Sometimes Dylan would take my toys without me giving it to him and I tell mummy and wait patiently for Dylan to put the toy down.

10. I am very clever at repeating what mummy and daddy say. Since mummy calls daddy "Gordon", I also call him "Gordon". Everyone starts laughing when I do that..:). Mummy has started to spell words now so I don't know what she is talking about.

11. Oh, i like to copy whatever Dylan is doing. If he is playing with his feet, I play with my feet too. If he is drinking milk, I ask for mine too. Today, Dylan had a shirt to cover himself cos he was cold, and I found a shirt to cover myself as well...:)

12.  My favorite toys are my phone, my colorful balls and my key. I love cooking and pretending to make food for mummy.

ok ok, Dylan wants to give his 6 month old update. I better not hog the computer!

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