Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am 6 months old!

It's me, Dylan.

I can do so many things now!

1. I can sit up on my own for a short time. I prefer to sit up and try and push myself up when I am lying down. It's hard! I sit up so I can watch everything around me.

2. I love to watch TV. I will keep turning my head towards the TV. Drives my mom nuts, but the TV is my fren.

3. My gassy issues has gone away. Mummy is convinced it the Mr Brown bottles she bought. I am convinced that my internal organs has improved. The real reason is.... mummy used to shake the bottle when she mixes the milk. She is suppose to stir in the milk so that there are less bubbles. She also fed me with a bigger bottle nipple and I would suck in too much air. She has learned..:)

4. I don't enjoy my pacifier anymore. If I have it, good.. if I don't it is ok as well. I do love my jumperoo. JUMP JUMP!

5. I tried some new foods. They taste funny so i don't care for them. Milk works fine for me. Check out my chubby legs. I do enjoy my biscuits.

6. I poo almost daily now (much to mummy's disspointment cos she doesn't like cleaning me). She always calls daddy to clean me.

7. I am easy-going. Anyone can carry me and I am smiley and happy. I prefer someone to be in the same room as me. If I see daddy walking out of the room, I cry.. but actually, mummy is on the bed and i did not see her.

8. My parents finally took me the park on my 6 month old bday. I like it... but would love to join Ryan in the sand area one day.

8. Oh, did I blog about my big brother? I could stare at him all day. He is constantly moving or playing with something, and I am ready to grab it from him. Sometimes, he is a little rough with me, but I never complain. I am just happy that he plays with me. He doesn't like it when I touch him, he would say "don't touch my leg, di-di". When mummy is not looking, he has played rough with me (like push my leg and touch my eye). Mummy has to watch him closely..:)

9. I am the most un-scheduled kid. I eat when I feel like it and sleep whenever. People know I am sleepy when I start complaining. Otherwise, I can just move from one toy to another.

10. Mummy has forgotten that I will grow and start moving. She thinks I will always only stay in one location when she puts me down. She is in for trouble when I start crawling.

11. I think I am meeting my developmental goals... My occassional turning excites my parents. I can now touch my feet and move toys from hand to hand.

Till tomorrow... I will see the doctor tomorrow and get my 6 month old numbers..:)

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