Friday, March 05, 2010

Dylan @ 5 months

Yes, Dylan is growing quickly.

He has started to turn left and right, and I almost forgot that babies start moving and grabbing stuff... I just remember the part where they sit still and don't move...hehhee..

Here are some of the play items he goes thru daily (sometimes he plays with the items twice a day...)

Musical Mobile
Bumbo chair
Jumperoo and
High chair

When we don't want to carry him and he complains when lying on the bed, we cycle him through the play items above....

At 5 months, this kid just loves the TV. When we move him away from the TV, he would twist his head so he can see the tv.

We also send him to the babysitters house now. Seems that he loves it there cos there are so many kids running around and he sits on the rocker and watch them. She also says he cat eat 8oz in one meal; something he never does at home.

Dylan's schedule:
5am - milk (2-3 oz)
7am - awake
8.30am - back to sleep
9.30am - milk (6 oz)
10.30-12pm - sleep
1pm - milk (6 oz)
2-4pm - sleep
5.30pm - milk
6.30pm - bath
7.00pm - sleep
10.00pm - sleep drinking (6oz)
2.00am - wake up to let out gas, cry cry and lets out more gas

Yes, my kid has develop gas in his tummy recently and he is not happy. I always thought he woke up at night to eat, and finally realized that he wakes up at night cos he has to let out gas.

To help with this issue, we have him on the Dr Brown bottle, mix his milk gently (instead of shaking the bottle), rubbing Yu Jie oil on his tummy, changed formulas and extra burpings. As of today, these actions have not helped. We plan to try the gripe water tomorrow.

Sleeping is easy for Dylan. If he is full and has the pacifier in his mouth, he can fall alseep on his own. Otherwise, I pat him for about 3 minutes and he will be asleep.

He also has a hard time pooing and seems to only poo if i take off his diapers and hold his legs up (maybe he is potty trained early? ) heheheh.. or maybe he just needs help pooing...
Picture above, Dylan waiting at the stairs while we get ready to go out. Yes, when he starts moving, we cannot do that anymore....

Oh, he totally adores Ryan and will stop everything just to look at Ryan when Ryan is nearby. It is cute, as Ryan will come by and give him random kisses..:)

We started him on some solids, like rice cereal and sweet potatoes, but have also been holding off, since he has gas and is consipated.

Yes, my baby is growing too fast. He gives the prettiest smile and his skin is so fair (thus he has been called a girl twice now..)

Here is a pic of Dylan being carried (played) with Gordon's cousins...

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