Thursday, March 11, 2010

Funny memories

Ryan seems to have interesting long term and short term memory.... it sure makes us laugh...

1. Memories of grandma -  when my mom was here, she would go to 3 crosses church every sunday. Ryan and Gordon would drop her off and pick her up. Now, whenever we pass by the church, Ryan says "po-po" (informing us that grandma goes there)

2. Memories of Uncle Henry - about two months ago, Gordon and Ryan sent Henry to the airport for  trip. Now,  when Ryan sees an airplane, he says "uncle henry on airplane".

3. Memories of President Obama - couple of months ago, Obama was on TV, so we pointed to him and told Ryan that was Obama. Last Sunday, we were at Super Franks and Ryan saw a darker skin man and said "Obama". (yes, we burst into laughter...)

4, Oh yes, he has short term memory too. When he goes to sleep, he usually holds something... a ball, a phone, a scissors.. just something to keep him happy. But, when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he remembers what he was holding and asks for it.... yah, sometimes he holds a phone in the car, and we leave the phone in the car and Ryan wakes up in the middle of the night and says "phone, phone" and poor Gordon has to look for the phone....

5. When we got to a toy store, Ryan will randomly pick out things to hold ( a backpack, a bowl, a ball), and ask he walks down the toy aisle, he would stop to play with other toys and put the toys he was holding on the floor... when he is done, he woud want to continue holding the earlier toys and would say "where's my bowl?", if I  already put the bowl back on the shelve.....

6. Ryan also has a great cheekiness in him. When we want to go out and we try to change him, we would say "change your clothes so we can go out" and if he doesn't want to change, he would say "Ryan no go out" and only when we start walking out, he would say "Ryan want to go out too"...... and yes, he does this  a lot, just to get us to respond...hehehehhe

Here's a video of Ryan playing with Gordon's cousin's kid, Sydney... She is 7 this year...:)

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