Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our day camping trip at Del Valle

This weekend, we took the opportunity to check out Del Valle in Livermore. There are campgrounds here and a nice lake for the swimming.

Nancy and Charles were camping two nights with some frens, so we decided to join them in the day, check out the camp area and go home. (works great for everyone..... cos Gordon had no plans to camp at all!)

It hit 90 degrees in Livermore, but the group was very prepared with three pop up EZ-ups and lots of sunblock. Ryan played in the sand mostly, but his treat were the chips, cookies, and loads of junk food that everyone was eating. He would rather eat eat eat, then play in the sand or water.

After the lake area, we went to camp area. Very clean area with clean warm water for bathing! Definitely a plus when you have small kids. The group started up the grill and made short ribs, pork chops, corn, strong green beans and rice. The food was super for camping style.

Ryan has the most fun just being able to roam around, play in the tent, sit on the fold-up chairs and eating. He loved playing with his glow stick as well.

We wanted to stay for s'mores, but it was getting late. We left around 9.30pm and Ryan fell asleep within 5 minutes in the car.
One day, we may actually camp out for the night. It was pretty fun.

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