Sunday, August 09, 2009

80% potty training succes and 50% bottle weaning success!

wooo-hoo.. we are progressing with potty training. Ryan can now tell us he wants to pee-pee even when he has diapers on!


Our next dilemma, how to get him to use the bathroom when he is out and about. I think we should just bring the potty along and when he tells us, we just use the potty. So far, I know he told me three times that he had to pee, but we did not have any options and soon he forgot and peed in his diaper..:P bad parents! heheheh.

We won't hit 100% potty training success for now, since he still drinks milk at night before sleeping and his diaper is super wet in the morning. We are in no hurry for him to be potty trained at night... I rather my boy sleep, then wake up in the middle of the night to go to the potty.


As for the bottle weaning, we were successful for a week (Ryan was just too excited to have a different cup to drink milk). So after a week, he would ignore his thermos with milk and would only drink when he really feels like it. However, if we show him the bottle with the milk. he will drink it all.

So, we have a choice... let him drink whenever, or put the milk in a  bottle, and he will drink for sure... (another big decision).

Anyways, on days where we feel is did not get enough food, we give the bottle... otherwise, he will drink from the cup.

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