Monday, September 29, 2008

I am 8.5 months old!


This is Ryan Kwan and I am now 8.5 months old. So many things have happen the last 2 months and I have been super busy and no time to update this blog.I travelled round the world to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. I love to travel and sit in the plane on mummy...:D I also can get over my jet-lag quickly.
I can now crawl! I am loving it as I get to move around and chase after mummy! I can also climb all over and love to climb on mummy when she is sleeping. At 8.5 months, I prefer to stand instead of crawling. I can also climb stairs now at a quick rate. Mummy needs to take a video of this (she is too busy watching me to make sure I don't fall down)

I have 5 teeth. My top two teeth came out while I was in Singapore and one more bottom tooth came out this week. My teething is making me grumpy and I try and bite mummy all the time.

Oh! I met my cousin Sophie. I love her and get extremely excited when I see her.

My trip to Asia was the best. I loved getting to see mummy and daddy day and night everyday. I was in my best behavior most of the time. Flying and boat rides were no issues to me. I did not care for the noise the plane made cos I got to lie on mummy. I also got to sleep on the same bed as mummy and daddy the whole trip. So much fun! I did get grumpy due to not enough sleep cos mummy and daddy kept taking me out for dinner appointments and I could not sleep at 8pm.
I also played with Grandma a lot. She took care of me and gave me baths daily. She also fed me meals and put me to sleep. How come I don't see grandma lately?

I love food! I have tried so many new foods during my trip and loved every single one. Papaya's are the best. And hard boil eggs for breakfast were great. Mummy would order me an egg each time we went to Jaipur Indian Restaurant for breakfast (they went there like 3-4 times a week to eat Roti Canai and Roti Banana).

I also got carried a lot from everyone. I would give my biggest smile and some aunty or uncle would want to carry me. They would also offer to feed me my meal, or take me to see things.

Below is a pic of me with my Ku Poh.

mmm, my cheek hurts from all the cheek pinching from Aunty Cindy. Since she pinches my cheeks, I find opportunities to pinch baby Sophie when no one is looking..;)

and, somehow, I have no more hair! I kinda like it cos my head gets rubbed a lot by everyone. Mummy also rubs my head more. She keeps telling me that she wants to shave it again!

The picture below was taken right after I shaved my head.

Oh, while in Thailand, I got to play with sand for the first time. sand is interesting.....

Till next time.. (which i hope is soon)...:)


Cindee said...

erm erm, i was cleaning his cheeks, not pinching!! :D

Yvonne said...

I love the pic of all three of you lying down!

Tze & Yeesin said...

Ryan is growing up fast! He can have eggs with no problem?