Friday, September 19, 2008

We are back

Yes, we are back from our vacation. Arrived back on Sept 17; and went back to work on Sept 18.

Ryan is doing well and doesn't seem to have any jet lag. Gordon and I are still waking up at 4am..:P

We sent Ryan to the babysitter the last two days and he is enjoying it. There are now two other babies there, baby Darren (7 months) and baby Joey (5 months). Not sure how the babysitter can take care of 3 babies at a time; but I think they are all good temperment babies. Since Ryan is crawling, he can play on his own and crawl around until he is tired. Babysitter also has a walker and Ryan loves it.

Will update more when I have a chance. It is nice to be home... but the cold is getting to me already. I miss my shorts and t-shirt days!

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Cindee said...

wah, yr babysitter terror! she must be super zen :D