Monday, September 01, 2008

Ryan loves Sophie

Ryan just loves his cousin baby Sophie. He gets extremely excited when he sees her and will wave his arms in delight and also let out a happiness scream...

I think Soon Jin and Cindy were pretty worried that Ryan may hit Sophie and hurt her... or was it Gordon who was more worried? Good news is Sophie is still in one piece after Ryan accidentally kicked her, slammed her tummy, pulled her hand and feet, pulled off her mittens, ... and others...(not to be mentioned here since no one else saw it)...;)

This video will explain it all. This was taken during our visit to Singapore the last few days..:)

Ryan also spent a lot of hanging out time with Sophie. The two pics below show them sleeping in the same area when Sophie was back in Malaysia.

Here are more pics of Ryan and Sophie playing...

Don't they look so cute together?

Ahh... so much fun. I am sure Ryan can't wait to spend more time with Sophie when she gets bigger.

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Linli said...

hi lynda! the pictures of sophie and ryan are soo cute!! :D they have the NG family cuteness :p hope your vacation is going great! xox