Saturday, September 06, 2008

Singapore O Singapore

We have completed our vacation at Singapore. My sister and Soon Jin were great host during our 9 day trip there. They picked us up at Malacca and we drove down together - 4 adults and 2 babies.... from what I remember from the journey, Ryan was cranky most of the 3.5 hour trip. I had to pacify him a lot. Good thing baby Sophie was able to sleep through most of the noise that Ryan was making.:)

Our trip in Singapore has been a busy one with lots of eating! We had many excellent meals including some japanese skewers place at Suntec City, pepper crab and curry crab, salted egg prawns, singapore pork prawn noodles, mee soto, dim sum, a meal at Dome restaurant and many others!

Most of our dinner meals were at home as my sis still has her confinement lady with her. She cooked up some nice balanced dinners. It was good too as Ryan wanted to go to sleep at 8pm and we watched some movies at home.

Desserts were also a big hit here. We had the portugese egg tarts, soy bean drinks, tou-foo-fah, mango dessert. We also bought some snow-skin mooncakes from The Fairmont Swiss Hotel. Snow-skin mooncakes are super yummy. I have no idea why US does not sell these!

It was super nice to just hang out with my sis, soon jin and sophie. We were not interested in shopping so we did random stuff like walking around Chinatown, visiting Suntec City, Marina Square, Esplanade, Vivo City, Sentosa island and talking short walks to the nearby Adam Rd food court area.

We did get a chance to meet up with Anne and Von Peng! It was nice to see them again and they loved playing and taking care of Ryan (which was great for us cos we got to eat and walk around with our babysitters).:)

Update on Ryan's crawling....

oh, all these crawling, has to given him several bruises. Poor baby. He crawled out of the bed one night and hit his head. He likes to wake up silently and instead of crying, he prefers to come look for us. So, one night, we were all busy watching the Hancock movie and suddenly we heard him crying in the room and when I walked in, I found him on the floor. Good thing he was on a air mattress on the floor, but we did find him with a blue black bruise the next morning.

Can you see it?

Ryan is also very "lan fan" which means he likes to move around when he sleeps and takes up the whole bed.

The picture below was taken during Ryan's night sleep. When we put him to sleep, he was on his flowery pillow. 3 hours later, he ended up near the end of the bed at the wall area.... he just loves to move around when he is sleeping.

Here is the video of Ryan's first crawl.:)

We also made a trip over to Vivo city for some claypot chicken rice followed by a trip into Sentosa. We have not been to Sentosa before and had to see what the hype was all about. We parked at Vivo City and took the express train into Sentosa. This is the best deal as it was only 3.00 for round trip. It was nice to see the beaches and all the entertainment at Sentosa.

Singapore was fun! Thanks to the host for a great trip!Oh, the best thing about the trip, I got to play with Sophie for 9 days! I loved getting to just carry her and play with her. She is very sweet and can give little smiles when I play rough with her..:)


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Will said...

It's "Canada, oh Canada"!
Looks like you had lots of fun.