Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sleeping arrangements

** We put Ryan's name on his room door. Letters are courtesy of my sister..:) **

During our Asia trip, Ryan slept with us on the same bed almost nightly. We were not sure how his sleeping arrangement would be when we got back....

Ryan now sleeps on his full size bed with baby fence around him. He goes to bed around 8pm, and wakes up around midnight and 3am seaching for us. Either Gordon and I would go over and go back to sleep with him. He does sleep again until around 6am for a feed and wil sleep till 7.30am..:)

This arrangement seems to be working and we are thinking about keeping the crib away for good and make more space in his room.

We do watch him closely with the video webcam monitor. You can see the webcam at the top right hand corner of the picture. We love looking at him at the camera when he wakes up at night. He would sit up, look around, and sometimes even play on his own for a couple of minutes before looking for us. It is super cute..:) Most times, he would wake up, and look around and flop back to sleep at some other part of the bed..:D

In other news, Ryan now holds his bottle with one hand.......how can this baby hands hold a heavy glass bottle with one hand.........!

Here is Ryan in his pajamas from Malaysia. These are pajamas for a 3 year old...So cute on him..:D

During our Malaysia trip, Ryan's sleeping schedule had been a little messy, cos we would take him out and he doesn't get to sleep on a schedule...

The first few days we were here, he fell asleep as we fed him dinner (he ate three spoon fulls and his eyes closed)

Here is a video we took while taking a walk to Jacob Gables garden at the Singapore Botanical Garden. He was sleepy but insisted on sucking his milk bottle..:)

We also took him to One Utama shopping mall one afternoon and he fell asleep on his stroller. Check out the picture... i was pushing him around and started to wonder why everyone was staring at him when they passed him... finally, I asked a staring person if he fell asleep and she said "yes!".... O.O... they must be wondering why I am such a mean mom and not let Ryan lay down and sleep....



Cindee said...

erm erm..it's jacob ballas :D..ryan falling asleep is super cute!! also, arent the letters NICE! :D btw, play fence round the bed looks hilarious!

Lynda Ng said...

hah.. have to put the fence... remember how he woke up two times in Singapore and tried to sneak out of bed without us knowing?