Friday, October 03, 2008

Our trip to Krabi, Thailand

During our Asia trip, we were able to make a trip over Krabi in Thailand. Krabi is located next to Phuket..

I was excited about this trip as I wanted to see the pretty beaches and to do some scuba diving...

However, it is the rainy season in Krabi....:(.... we ended up not scuba diving, but was able to take a speed boat out to see the Phi Phi Islands and do some snorkelling.

Speed boat ride was HORRIBLE! I got seasick 3-4 times during the whole day trip! Yucks! but, the islands were pretty and some of the beaches were nice. Ryan had no issues in the boat. He mostly slept and was just happy to be out and about.:)

Good thing I was able to jump into the water and snorkel a little. So nice to see the many many cute fishes..:) We were able to give them bread to eat and they were very excited and happy!

hehe, my darling hubby refused to try snorkelling.. so he sat on the boat with baby..:)

For accomodation, we stayed two nights at The Sheraton. Nice hotel with great service. It was funny... since it was off-peak season, they only had 14 rooms occupied and they have a total of 250 rooms! Service was of course excellent and they knew us by name..:) The hotel also had several restaurants just outside the entrance. Very convenient.

They also had several activities (like a club med)... we were able to see Rara the elephant..:) urm, Ryan had a look of disgust when the elephant ate bananas from my hand and I was carrying him. It was funny! (i think my mom took pics with her camera... need to ask her to send pics to me)

The third night, we stayed at The Sofitel. Also very quiet and great service. But nothing as good as The Sheraton. They also did not have a beach front at the hotel. To get to the beach, one had to cross the road. Sheraton had their own beach front..:)

ok, Sofitel had a nice play center..:) heheh.. check out the picture below: Can you spot Ryan?

He loved having the freedom to crawl around..:) Sofitel also had a video games room (it was funny to see the employees taking their break in the video games room and playing games..:))

We also got a chance to eat a lot of Thai food in Thailand! yumm every meal we ordered our tom yum soup..:) and Gordon had to try his Phad Thai (he says it taste the same as the Phad Thai in US..*grin*)

At hotel Sofitel, they did not have restaurant closeby, so we had to eat at the hotel restaurant.. We were the only customers for the night! And the waiters and waitresses wanted to baby sit Ryan for us while we ate. So funny! Gordon ordered the food and included some Ahi Tuna, papaya salad, crab cakes and others.

It was a simple trip. We were saddened with the news of my cousin's passing and we cancelled our Bangkok trip to be with the family and attend the funeral.

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