Saturday, April 12, 2008


96 days after giving birth to Ryan... here are my thoughts..

1. Baby? - Now that I am back to work, I have to actually step back and remind myself that I now have a baby. It is interesting to call myself a mummy. Gordon and I sit back and say "wow, we have a baby". Life has not changed that much even with Ryan around. We love playing with him and taking care of him..:)

2. Sleep - yeah, what 8 hours sleep? The good thing is, Ryan is sleeping through the night, so I get more sleep. I do wake up to pump, to keep the milk supply up.

3. Milk, milk, milk - breastfeeding has been interesting. I am obsess about ensuring baby gets enough milk.... I am pumping at work twice a day and I try and pump every 3-4 hours if Ryan is sleeping.....My milk supply did drop when I went back to work so it will be interesting to see how long I can last with breastfeeding.

4. Weight - ahh... with all the breastfeeding and pumping, I am "almost" back to my pre-pregnancy weight! No secret special diets or pills.......I have to admit that I am eating more chocolate than ever! bad.... but, after a long day.. chocolate really helps.:) I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of the excessive tummy and how to improve my back. My back aches a lot more now that I have Ryan.

5. Social life - I think our social life has actually got better! It is so much easier to meet people now that we have a baby. There are a lot of playgroups and mom's groups. Since Ryan is still young, it is harder to set up any playgroups, but I am sure when he gets older, I will be hanging out with more moms and babies.

6. $$ - Definitely spending more money... on TOYS! Gordon complains that Ryan's current toys are boring... so I have been buying more toys..:P Every toy seems fun and educational...our house is so much more cluttered now with all the toys everywhere! Good thing we are saving money on milk for now.......We also have to pay Ryan's babysitter, but it seems to be a fair amount..

7. Love life - hmm... what can I say here.............our love life seems to be the same...I think we are not as lovey dovey as we were when we initially got married, but we are still communicating well and taking care of each other.:)

8. More kids? - Yes, please.......................
Here are some random pics..

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