Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ee Ling's Bachelorette Party

On April 19th, I organized a bachelorette party for Ee Ling..:) Ee Ling is getting married on May 25 so we had to celebrate before she gets hitched.

We started the event by taking the Golden Gate ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito. Most of the guest decided to drive over to Sausalito, so there were only 6 of us who took the ferry. We made Ee Ling wear a tiara, a sash and hold a wand.

Lunch was at Horizons Restaurant in Sausalito. The outside area overlooks the water; very pretty.I made reservations for 15 to sit outside, but when i got there, they had me for table of 5 instead of 15..... so, we had to wait 1/2 hour to get out table.. I added some special napkins on the table and door gifts for everyone. The door gift consisted of ghirardelli chocs and Hershey nuggets covered with a sticker that thanked everyone for coming to the party.:)

To get the party going, all the guest wrote something they wanted ee ling to do.. Ee Ling had to go over to another table to get a phone number from a guy and she actually did it..:) and the guy gave his phone number.Ee ling was able to evade some of the questions, and now all of us want to know the answer to the question...:P She also evaded having to kiss the pole and do a 2 minute dance.. darn..

We also played the "getting to know ee ling game" and a word scramble game. As a special present to ee ling, i put together a photo scrapbook for her and everyone had a chance to write a special note to her.

The food at Horizons was pretty good. There were a total of 14 people and 6 people ordered the egg benedict with lobster..:) I ordered the seafood was yummy!

It was a fun event with a good turn out. Now, all of us can't wait for Ee ling's wedding in May...:)

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