Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ryan and homecare

I will be going back to work on April 9.

The initial plan was for Gordon's mom to take care of Ryan for two days, and our friend, Lu Fun to take care of him for three days. However, Lu Fun informed us that her schedule is too hectic so we decided to check out our alternatives.

Our fren, Yvonne told us about Mrs Yan who lives in Castro Valley. She currently takes care of two other kids; baby Charlie who is about the same age as Ryan and a three year old girl. We liked Mrs Yan, as she has taken care of several kids before and she speaks mandarin and cantonese.

So far, we took Ryan over once and we hope to stick with her. Gordon's mom will still take care of Ryan for two days.

Here is a pic of Ryan and Mrs Yan on his first day at her home.

Our boy seems pretty adaptable at this time...:)

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