Sunday, April 13, 2008

Such nice weather.....

The weather this weekend was so nice! It was so warm that people were walking in shorts and t-shirt in San Francisco (very rare)

Here is Ryan taking his afternoon nap on Saturday in the heat.Check out his pink checks..:)

We also made our way to the Castro Valley park just to hang out with Ryan... we think Ryan liked it, but I think if we stayed home at our garden, he would not know the difference..;) It was nice to see all the other kids playing in the park and wondering when we can do the same with Ryan.

On Sunday, we started our day with brunch at Blackberry Bistro in Oakland. We shared a hot links omelette and caramel french toast with banana. The later was yummy...:)

After that, we headed into SF. I was amazed at the weather. The parks in the city were full. We stopped at Fillmore to walk around and I completed a secret shopper survey. It's this new thing I signed up for... where I secretly shop at locations and get paid for it..:P

After Fillmore, we headed to Chinatown to visit grandma. We also walked around Chinatown and ended up at Washington Square where there were load of people just enjoying the sun.

Our final stop was Taylor's Refresher in the Embarcadero to celebrate Gordon's dad's bday. They have really good burgers and sweet potato fries here. The guacamole jalapeno burger was good. Gordon's dad ate a whole burger, lots of onion rings and drank a pistachio milkshake. He really loves american food.....:)

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