Sunday, May 04, 2008

I am 4 months old!

hello hello, can you believe how time flies... I am already 4 months old as of today (May 4, 2008)

Mummy and daddy took me to the park today and I sat on the swing and slide for the first time..:)

My four month updates are as follows:

sleeping and eating - I am trying to get into a pattern for sleeping. At night, I can sleep from 8pm to 6am. I will wake up and eat, play a little and go back to sleep from 8-10am. After eating at 11, I will sleep for an hour or two and eat again at 3. I will sleep for another hour but will get grumpy around 5.30pm and need a 10 minute power nap...

Sometimes, I will wake up at night and cry... but I notice that no one comes to see me, so I make a little bit more noise and eventually fall back asleep...

As of today, I can laugh out loud and mummy finally notices that I am teething.... i think this is the first time she has looked into my mouth and was surprise to see white stuff on my bottom teeth area..:)

I am still trying to sit up on my own, but I love my exersaucer and jumperoo... The bumbo is so so only.. i can only stay in the bumbo for 5 minutes, but can play in the exersaucer and jumperoo for half hour.

I like to talk... mummy and grandma talk to me the most. We can have nice long discussion about everything. Sometimes I talk louder than them and we all start to laugh....

Everyone says I am so big. I think mummy's milk is making me very strong. I drink 8 ounces during each feed...totalling about 35 ounces a day....I wonder what my doctor will say when I see him on May 13. I move my mouth when I see mummy or daddy eating. I can't wait to try the real food!

I have big feet. Mummy is putting me in 9 month clothing and the feet area of the clothes still seem to be tight. Now, mummy has to find stuff that don't have feet covers, so that my feet can grow more.

I have learned to cuddle.... I love it when mummy carries me and I cuddle next to her when she gets back from work. I also don't mind when anyone carries me; I just want to be carried!

Oh... as of the last two days, my double eyelid showed up on my left eye. It is only on 1 eye, just like mummy. Mummy thinks I look pretty with the double eyelid. I wonder if the double eyelid will show up on my right as well..... will have to wait and see.....
Thank you for reading this blog.... till next month!

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Cindee said...

4 mths only? seems longer ya ;))