Monday, October 08, 2007

Scott's Bday and meeting Kok Keat's gf..:)

Over the weekend, we headed over to Scott's third bday in San Ramon... this kid is super friendly; as soon as we entered the door, his parents were in the kitchen and he came over and gave us a hug... it was cute...he was very well behaved throughout the day... he also preferred to play with adults then kids his own age.... (i think it was because the adults did not snatch toys from him) hehehe... I forgot to take pictures....

in the evening, we headed to SF chinatown to meet up with Bee (Kok Keat's gf) and two of her other frens. This is the first time Gordon and I met with her... It was nice to see show KK was dating..:D Of course, she was sweet and socialble..:)

We decided to have dinner at a hole in the wall; Sam Woo restuarant on Washington and Grant St. This was my first time here and we had a super experience. The staff at this restaurant is totally rude and that it is funny...:D Bee and gang walked up to the third floor and the waitress at the top yelled in Chinese "no more space upstairs; go downstairs; don't come upstairs"; however, the second floor was close (there was a chain at the entrance) so we headed downstairs and the staff downstairs totally ignored us. Finally we asked, and they said they will open the floor for us..

At the table, the waitress we got looked mad and when Bee wanted to substitute her noodles with a different kind, the waitresss gave her the look... it was too funny... I don't think i can capture the moment.....:P After that, we wanted to keep one menu so that henry can order, and the waitress said in chinese "i don't have enough menus" and she took it all back..:)

All in all, it was memorable... I think Bee and gang got a real taste of chinatown..:)
We ended the night with mocha and tiramisu in North Beach.

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Tze & Yeesin said...

Sigh... Rude waiters and noodles just brings back fond memories of eating our in Malaysia doesn't it. My favorite one was trying to order Prawn mee in SJ. The prawn mee guy called me an idiot for asking for a bowl because he didn't any more prawns left! Oh... the good times!