Monday, October 15, 2007

October weekend

We started Saturday attending one of our many pregnancy classes. This one was about how to breastfeed the baby......a 2 hour class. Next week, we will attend the lamaze class... that one is a friday night and 8 hours on Saturday... hope it is interesting....

After the class, we met up with Timmy, Sirintorn and baby Tyler for lunch. We tried a new Thai place in Ulferts center; Thai Basil Express. The food was good. We ordered the Phad Thai, the panang curry, Green bean chicken and Rad-na pork noodles... don't recommend the noodles, but the two dishes were good.

It was fun to hang out with Baby Tyler... he is growing fast and can now walk and say a few words... he is 15 months old:)

For dinner, we bought a fish from Ranch 99 (the new one in Dublin) and made some fish soup at home.

Sunday was quiet.... our fren Gideon passed away after he went in for a 10 hour surgery due to a burst blood vessel in his heart. The doctors said he lost too much blood.... it was sudden. Life is weird.......

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