Monday, October 08, 2007

Dai and Lily's Bday

Two weekends ago, we celebrated Dai and Lily's bday..:) It was a good excuse for us to get together, hang out and eat.

Our food consisted of fatty chinese stuff....

1. fried chicken from Gourmet Kitchen in SF Chinatown - on Stockton St (between Jackson and Washington),

2. fried noodles,

3. egg tarts from Golden Gate bakery on Grant St

4. sesame ball from Do Ho on Pacific St

5. Strawberries from farmers market in Emeryville

6. Cake from Sheng Kee Bakery

7. Mooncakes from Golden Gate Bakery and Eastern bakery..:)

Thank you Ee ling for helping out with the food..:)

I have to list the streets as well, as there were people asking me where some of the food came from and I did not know the name of the restaurant since Gordon was buying the food.... now I can refer to my blog if I ever forget.:D:D..

We had loads of was especially nice to see the babies; baby alissa, baby alexis and baby kaylyn.. pics below will show how much they have all grown.

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