Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 27.... Lynda's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to ME!

I recieved many many birthday wishes from everyone via phone calls, emails, text messages, messenger from all over the world........... Thank you for the wishes!!! It's SO nice to have friends remember my bday even when I don't remember theirs!!!!!!!

My day was the usual as I headed in to work.... but, Gordon took me out for dinner and dessert!

Dinner was at Chez Panisse Cafe in Berkeley. There is a restaurant and a cafe. The restaurant has a single fix menu, which meant that Gordon and I had to eat the same stuff.. so we opted for the cafe, that allowed us to pick and choose.

Chez Panisse was opened by Alice Waters. She has many recipe books published and her food is all organically grown.

Reservations to this place is always full.. we were of course last minute in deciding and got a 5.30pm reservation on a Wednesday night... and yes, the place was FULL!

Gordon and I liked the food...they did not have many appetizers other than salads and bruschetta... I really wanted soup or calamari...:D

They even put a candle on my dessert since it was my bday..:)

We ended the night with some gelato at Ciao Bella......what a fun bday!

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Janice said...

Hi! I'm so embarressed..this is one year that I forgot your bday and didn't send you a card..happy belated bday... hugs from across the miles - mli