Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Picnic in June

June has arrived..... and it is also the birthday celebration of Helen, Ee Ling and myself...:)

Lily organized a picnic at Ortega Park (secretly, I have been asking Gordon to plan a picnic in the park for my bday, but he did not get the hint), so Ee Ling and I decided to ask Lily to plan one...:D:D

Since the days have been extremely hot, we decided to have the event at 4pm... it was fun to sit on the blankets and eat eat eat...:) Some even played ball with the kids while the rest chit chatted.

We surprisingly had loads of food... from sandwiches to noodles to sausages to mango rojak.... all the food was good!

The guys even had a good time putting ice down each others back.....:D and to top it off, the birthday gals all got presents..:)

Thank you everyone for the presents!!!

Happy Birthday Helen and Ee Ling!

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cindee said...

ahh..picnics..forgotten what they are spore , a get-together usually means a BBQ - maybe i shld get one going for jin's bday..heehee