Sunday, June 10, 2007

Helen's Baby Shower

We celebrated Helen's baby shower on June 2, 2007. Lily and I coordinated the event which included snacks, door gifts, games, balloons and much more.. Ee ling was so kind to help us with the drinks and strawberries..:)

We also made Helen a diaper cake. This was a fun project with included making the diapers stand to shape a cake. Here is the product...

We also had a number of games.

1. the guys had to feel baby items in a brown bag and guess what the item is.

2. the gals had to try 7 different milks and guess what they were... this included : 1% fat free milk, 2% fat free milk, whole milk, almond milk, soy milk, formula and fat free milk. Tough game!

3. Guess the length of Helen's girth...:) this was fun.

4. Guess the date of Helen's due date and the weight. Will have to wait and see who the winner is.

As we got done with the games, the guys got occupied with Dexter's Lamborgini...they spent maybe an hour outside staring and talking about the car... which, gave the gals a time to spend and chitty chatty and open presents.

What a fun day! Gordon did not feel like driving home (we live about 45 minutes away) so we invited ourselves to stay over at Helen and Rick's new home..:D We were even served breakfast in the morning..... ahh... it was very good.. Thanks guys...:D:D::D:D

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Mei Li said...

Hiya - sounds like you gals had fun. the diaper cake looks funny. Wish your friend a safe delivery and I'm sure you'll post the pictures.