Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hanging Out..........

We attended Tyler's first bday (Timmy and Sirintorn's) baby on Saturday..the party was fun with us watching Finding Nemo, eating and watching Tyler open his presents. Timmy and Sirintorn had a separate birthday cake just for Tyler so that he can play with the cake after he blew out the candles.... however, when they put the cake in front of him, he cried.... supposedly he doesn't like sweet stuff..:)

Since we were free for dinner, we called up Anastasia and Percy and made dinner plans. They suggested San Francisco for an Italian restaurant in downtown (we were surprised they chose SF as we were all local in hayward/castro valley area). Since we know they usually pick good restaurants, we knew the italian restaurant would be good as well and made our drive to San Francisco.

The restaurant,

is a very nice Italian restaurant located right opposite the Transamerica Building. The deco is simple but elegant. Percy and Anastasia had been here once before and they seem to know the owner and hostess (which was nice as we were treated very nicely and cordially)..:) Pecy even spoke Italian to the owner.

We were joined with Audrey (Anastasia's fren) and Durand (our good old friend from the Naaap days). Surprisingly, the noise level in the restaurant was high as it filled up.

The food was good as well. We started with 3 plates of Bruschetta appetizers (these were not the regular tomato bruschetta) - they came with five different toppings on five pieces of bread - olives spread, zuchinni, meat, red peppers and tomato. Definitely different and good! We also ordered a seafoood appetizer - yummy calamari.

For the main course, Gordon ordered pan seared halibut and I ordered the "Trilogia" pasta dish that consisted of three variations of pasta - another good dish I would recommend. Anastasia ordered the duck special and that was good as well.

We finally order dessert - Gordon got his favourite cream puffs (you will notice that he ordered this at Chez Pannise as well)

We definately had a great time hanging and chit chatting with everyone. We were there from 8 to about midnight!! oh... the chef came by at the end of the night to allow us to compliment him on his good cooking..:)


Sunday, we watched Transformers and walked around the Metreon area as it was the Baseball All Star weekend...Pictures shown...We all had ice cream as they were giving out free Conetto's..:D:D:D::D::D::D

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