Friday, June 01, 2007

Gordon's MBA Graduation Event

Congratulations Gordon!!! yes, Gordon has completed his MBA...:) I am SO happy, cos now he has more time to spend with me and do more housework....;)

We celebrated the event by attending the MBA graduation at San Francisco State University over the Memorial Day weekend. Here are some pics we took and the video with Gordon waving to his audience.

We also took Gordon's parents over to a couple of musuems including Asian Art Musuem, Legion of Honor and De Young Musuem (yes, we went a second time so that his parents had a chance to see the musuem). This was again part of the free musuem deal from BOA. His parents asked why no one took them to these musuems before..... and Gordon said "bcos it was not FREE"... *grin*

Dinner celebration was at Koi Palace... good food as usual.

I also hung out with Lily and Helen over the four day weekend (I took an additional day of for Gordon's graduation). It was nice to have some girl time.....forgot to take pictures..

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