Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mei's Bday...

Last Friday, we got a call from Mei asking us to head over to Jeanie's house for dinner..:) She told us it was going to be Lobster Salad.

We of course agreed since we hardly go out on Friday nights...:D

Our first stop was Costco to buy the salad and tomatoes. Mei and Jeanie headed to Oakland Chinatown to get the rest of the ingredients.

When we got to Jeanie's house, we were surprised with what they bought. They bought two whole lobsters, and like 30 large shrimps (i would call them prawns, but they told me they were shrimps)... yum yum yum... and they were all fresh, not frozen.

The lobster was already in the oven simmering with loads of garlic and the prawns were just about to be thrown in the boiling pot.

What a feast! We all agreed that this was much better than the restaurant and there was no way the restaurant was going to be cheap with all the seafood.

Mei got buzzed, since she drank before she ate..:D but, it was her bday...........

The night was followed with a couple of backgammon games with Mei winning towards the end (this was the first time Gordon and I have ever played Backgammon)

The following day, we met up with Lisa, Paul, Ananda, Jennie and Mei for dinner... this was to celebrate all the June bdays..:) We ate at King Wah Chinese Restaurant in Daly City. (i did not bring my camera, so I am still waiting for the pictures to come in)

Also, Lisa announced that she is 4.5 months pregant with another girl... Congrats!

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