Sunday, February 25, 2007

Turtles - Assam & Laksa

As some of you may remember,Sean gave me a pair of turtle in 1999.... When I recieved them, they were tiny ( from SF chinatown) - the turtles are still alive. 8 years later..:)

We named the turtles, Assam and Laksa.... For those who dont know, Assam Laksa is a name of a spicy sour Malaysian noodle dish....I think the reason we gave them these names were bcos back when I was in Malaysia, my sister and I had turtles and they were named Bobo and Cha-cha.... However, Bobo and Cha-cha died after a couple of months.... (can't remember what killed them)....

Anyways, I took care fo Assam and Laksa for a few years and when I had to move to San Francisco in 2004, Ee Ling has said she can take care of the turtles for me.... so... being a great owner, I handed my turtles over to her...:) .... Ee Ling and Eric have taken very good care of the turtles. They even bought a filter for the turtle tank to keep the water clean.
Ee Ling is on vacation in Malaysia, so the turtles are now back with me..:D it is nice to have some pets sometimes as they add to the little noises in the house. Gordon is enjoying them too.... urm... he keeps feeding them!!! I left for work one morning and told him I already fed the turtles and when i got back in the evening, he said "I fed the turtles"....... urmm....turtles only eat like once a day! They can even not eat at all for a few days...

Here is a picture of Assam. I went ahead and weight the turtles. Assam is 8.4 Oz. Assam is the super shy one. If you pick Assam up, he will hide in his shell and never come out. He also never fights for his food. He lets Laksa eat everything and Assam is very not assertive. The quiet one, I guess.
Here is Laksa. Laksa is aggressive. He moves around a lot and wll go on top of Assam if he sees food. Laksa is only 6.o Oz. I think Laksa eats more than Assam, but because Laksa moves around more, he burns calories faster...:)
My assumptions are that both turtles are males.... but who knows.
Here is a video of the turtles swiming and eating. Check out their claws!


cindee said...

err, bobo and cha cha never died lah..we gave them to seng hon - neighbour down the road

Lynda Ng said...

Oh yeah!!! i totally FORGOT!! Wonder if they are still alive today...:D