Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Laptop!!! Vista!

Woo hooo!!

Gordon and I finally bought a laptop!! We are SOOO excited. Have been looking for one half heartedly and found one in HP one in december but realised that the HP one only had 512MB memory and Gordon wanted 1GB so that he could upgrade to Vista...

but... we found one this week.

Toshiba A135-S4407. Comes with 15.4", 100GB hard drive, 1GB memory, Intel dual core, dvd r/w, media adapter slot.... and finally... Vista Home Premium!

Vista is ok... i am trying to get use to how it's a little different from Windows XP.. but, i think I am just too excited about having a new laptop....:)

Now I just need to look out to see if the price comes down and I can get a price match..........:)


Lulu's Cosmetic said...

love the NEW laptop - let me know if the vista is any good -looks amazing though! glad to hear that your sis and u had fun and i love the video of gordon lol - wii are always sold out! we are looking for one too! :D

Nick 10 said...

Hey Lynda - I have a Toshiba laptop too but I got mine like 3 or 4 years ago. I'm pretty happy with Toshibas but the only complain i have on mine is it overheats if i place it on the carpet/comforter/non hard surface. Other than that, it's pretty good. The video below also made me smile :))