Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Chai - Welcome Golden Piggy year!

Happy Chinese New Year! This year, we did not go back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year and we missed out on a lot fun. San Francisco was quiet as usual with simple family dinners. Hardly heard any Chinese Gong Xi Ni songs....

We did meet up at Lily's house for a pot luck lunch on Chinese New Year day..:) it was totally a day of eating and hanging out.. Here are the eating highlights:

Morning - Gordon's mom made Buddha's Delight a.k.a.Chai. Chai is a vegetarian dish that has glass noodles, mushrooms, beancurd, gingko nuts, and a lot more of other stuff!

Noon - At Lily's house, we have curry chicken, fried noodles, dried pork (loong yook), prawns (this is called "ha" in chinese, so supposedly during Chinese New Year, it's good to eat "ha" so that we can go "ha-ha-ha" a lot)...:). We also had assam laksa (spicy sour noodles), duck and much more. Gordon and I brought San Francisco famous egg tarts and sesame balls..... Some wonderful food pictures below..

2.30pm - We had agreed to meet up with Gordon's friends, Pauline and Ken at a Taiwanese restaurant. They did not have lunch yet.... so we kept them company and ate some more. We had goose, some meat, noodles and egg with oysters.

5.00pm - We headed back to Lily's place to continue hanging out and eating. This time, I ate some durians (courtesy of the Saw Family). It was yummy!! Gordon did not eat this...:)

Dinner - Dinner was the left overs of lunch.

We spent the rest of the night playing mah-jong. The four players were, Gordon, Lily, Seong Jiun and Cheng Lin. We laughed a lot as the players kept making mistakes and Lily kept winning all night! There were also like 3-4 rounds where no one won as there were no more mahjong tiles to go around. Gordon won the first round and ended the day paying 10 cents to Lily...:)

Here is a picture of Mun Mun in her Chinese New Year outfit...
Here is Lily, Jaden and Mun-Mun playing Dance dance revolution...:)

Here is Gordon with Little Alissa...


Linli said...

omg durian!! how lovely....lovely lovely....hhmmm..makes me droool thinking about iittt :D gxfc! :D

Tze & Yeesin said...

We had lots of malaysian food too via Potluck for CNY!!! Too bad wasn't lucky like you and have durians to munch on! Hmm.. those go best with rice!