Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lunch, Checking out homes and Ice cream

Gordon and I have been busy watching tv.... so here is my life updates..:)

Two weekends ago, we met up with Ee Ling and Eric for lunch. We ate at Xyclo, a Vietnamese restaurant in Piedmont. It was so-so. Maybe a 6 out of 10. We especially like the 7 treasures dish and hope to try and make it for one of our home gatherings..:)

After lunch, Ee Ling and Eric were checking out homes, so we decided to tag along. Our highlight was this home in Oakland Hills. The views were just amazing! Gordon and I are wondering why we never saw this home when we were shopping for homes a couple of years ago...:P Check out this link.

maybe ee ling and eric will buy the place... so we can enjoy the views of San Francisco...:)

Home hunting ended with us heading over to Fentons Creamery. They have good ice cream... but huge portions.... Gordon and I shared the Toasted Almond and Rocky road ice cream. Lately, we have been having a lot of ice cream - starting with my sister coming over and buying Starbucks ice-cream and Gordon eating a whole tube of Dryers ice-cream... After Gordon ate the Fenton's ice cream, he said "I have never eaten so much ice cream in the last three months"..... I guess we are on a ice cream craze...:)

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