Monday, February 05, 2007

Henry's Birthday!

In celebration of Henry's birthday(Gordon's brother), we went over to Koi Palace for dinner.

We have been wanting to try geoduck (a.ka. elephant trunk clam)for the longest time. Gordon's fren, Mei, always talks about how good it is.... so here was our chance......

Here is a picture of geoduck in the tank...

Geoduck is best eaten RAW!! So, we had sashimi style geoduck... not too bad. Taste like raw tuna fish with a tougher texture. Wasabi and ginger is provided as well.

For those who are interested in how much this cost.... it was $28/lb with a minumum purchase of 2.5 lb.........oh... i should add... that the picture above does not include the head part of the geoduck. The head section was fried with pepper and salt and tasted like fried crab brain..

ok... for the rest of the dinner, we had the Peking Duck Family Dinner. Here is the menu....

Duck duck and more duck..... QUACK!

Happy Birthday, Henry!!!

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