Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ryan @ 2 years 10.5 months

Yes,  time is flying and Ryan is almost three years old.

Just today, he decided that he would call us MOM and DAD instead of mummy and daddy..... he must learn this from school.
Overall, he is a pretty good kid. He continues to learn how to share with his little brother.. somehow he prefers to take things from Dylan and sometimes he remembers to exchanges things for the things he wants. We have been reading to go ahead and let the kids fight things out themselves, as long as they are not getting hurt. Let's see if that will work.

He has his whiny moments and he has his mornings when he wakes up and wants ye-ye. Yes, can you imagine waking up to a kid saying "I want ye-ye, I want ye-ye". The only thing I can say is that the bridge and the Bart is not open yet. so we can't go see ye-ye....

He still loves his milk.. i think he drinks about 24 ounces a day of 2% low fat milk. I dont think we are going to be successful in removing his bottle from him now since he loves to drink from the bottle. He also knows to ask for chocolate, and knows where to find the chocolate (in the cupboard).

He is at the point where he wants to try things, and when I say it won't work, he would say "let me try". I usually let him try, to let him see that what i said was right. He also wants to do things himself. he says "let me do it, or I will do it"..he is a picture of him washing his hands by himself.

He can even go to the bathroom by himself, but does not know how to wipe his own butt yet.

His new thing lately is, he can tell me that his bday is on January 13. I have to video it one of these days..:)

Ryan as a chef.

oH, the other new thing... when he sees someone we know... and it is time to go home... he will go to them and say "can I kiss you, can I hug you" and gives them a hug and a kiss... yes, he shows his affections to both male and female.. pretty sweet..:D

His school situation is improving. He gets all sad when we talk about school but he does not cry. On the days he has to go to school, he will accept the fact that he has to go school, has tears in his eyes, but no major crying. He will also ask daddy to pick him up. When we reach school and he sees the teacher, he crys, but when we leave, he stops.. so not too bad. He has come home knowing several songs and likes to show up his art from school. His teachers have told me several times that he only asks for daddy at school... urm, yah, that is because daddy drops his off and daddy picks him up!
Ryan trying to play with Dylan..:D
Ryan's sleeping habits : He sleeps from 9.30 to 6.30am. Nap is around 2pm for 1.5 hours. We still have to go with him to sleep and he usually rolls in bed for 10 minutes and goes to sleeep. He also knows to tell us when he is tired.

I guess i need to think about his third bday... what shall i do?

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