Sunday, December 12, 2010

chitter chatter

Ryan has been learning to imitate stuff we say...

Some of Ryan's cute chatter:]

"Daddy, please don't drive so fast". (it does not matter if Gordon is driving fast or slow, he makes this statement anyways)

Gordon Kwan, are you surfing the web? (he totally learned this one from me...)

Gordon Kwan,are you watching TV!? (another one from me...)

Here is another cute one..

So, when he goes to school, he cries. So, I told him that if he cries, I will go to school and he will go to work for me. I told him if I go to school, my boss willl say "where are you, lynda ng? why are you so late". he remembers... so he repeats it to me.. check out the video..

1 comment:

Truly Us said...

he still cries when goin to school? he no like school? di di soo so poor thing.

eh, u bought new kitchen for the kiddos? ;)