Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dylan @ 13.5 months

Hi world! It is me, Dylan Kwan!!

Yes, I finally found time to update the blog..:D

I am growing quickly. I can now walk and run a little. I can also reach the door knob if I tiptoe. Mummy says I am getting ready to open the door so I can go and chase after my ko-ko.

I love following Ryan everywhere. I also love the toys that he plays with. They are the coolest. When he is not home, and I get hold of the toy, I smile with glee and play with the toys for a long time.

I am learning how to cosy up to mummy and daddy. If I see Ryan close to them, I will also come close and want to lie down on them. I need to get my affection time too!

Above is a video of me trying to sleep.Mummy is tickling me and I am laughing while I sleep.

I love to go out (just like Ryan). I would find my shoes and give it to mummy so she will put them on for me. Then I will bang on the front door so they would open the door. If mummy says bye bye to me, I would go to the door and hope she brings me out as well.

I can say da-da, ma-ma, and ball. I can recognize certain things and pictures including balloon, door, daddy, mummy, ryan ko-ko, shoes. I can also pick up my diaper and put it in the trash can. I sure know how to help my parents.

My eating habits are hard. I am picky in my food and my parents are trying hard to make me eat. I would rather feed myself and make a big mess. I don't really know what i like to eat, so I would try things and spit it out. I do like cold pasta if I get to eat it myself. My parents still feed me formula for most of my milks, to ensure I get my nutritions.

My new thing is shaking my head to show "no". however, I shake my head for yes and for no, so my parents dont know if I mean yes or no. I just keep shaking my head..:P

I seldom fall asleep while drinking my milk. I would rather roll around and go up and down the bed before I finally fall asleep close to someone.

Check out of a video of me being fascinated..:D

Will update more when I have time!

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