Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Booo! Happy Halloween. This year, Halloween was more elaborated, since the kids know how to trick or treat.

 Ryan as a fireman and Dylan as a pumpkin. Dylan would move away when I showed up with the costume. Guess he does not like something orange on him..:D

We took the kids to my office to trick and treat.. Both had a great time.

Pic above are the kids at the Castro Valley village. All the shops were giving out candy. So many people and after a  while, some shops said "out of candy... awwww".

The week before Halloween, we went over to Sodany's house for pumpkin carving. The adults ended up doing all the work. The kids just played and ran off to play other things.

Check out the super cool pumpkins we carved!

Halloween day, we hung out to watch the Giants game. Then, we went around the neighborhood to get candy. There were few young kids... so when the adults saw our kids, they were pretty happy and gave the kids more candy.

We also made it to Lu Fun's house and she went all out on the Halloween theme. Pic above shows Ryan with his eyeball. She used longan, added some red jelly and black pearl.
Pic above: Ghost shaped cookies, Witches Broom (pretzel sticks and fruity loom), Teeth (apple), Witches Nails (string cheese with green colored almond as the nails, and carrot with almond as the nails).

Really cool..:)

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Truly Us said...

the carved pumpkins look awesome. i wanted to get a pumpkin to carve with bean..went to Giant and they were selling the pumpkins at S$39.90. crazee..needless to say, no pumpkin carving was done :P