Saturday, November 06, 2010

Ryan and pre-school

Ryan has started pre-school at 2 year 9 months. From day one of us mentioning the word "school", he already said "I don't want to go to school". He only wants to go if mummy or daddy stays with him.

To prepare him for school, we took him in the evenings to hang out. He was ok with the "hanging out" part.

The weekend before school started, whenever we mentioned the word "school", he would have tears in his eyes and would lead to crying... so, we did not mention it anymore.

First day of school, he threw up twice, and would cry everytime there was a change in activity. Poor kid. guess he was totally traumatized.... Day two, we decided to send him the same day as Ethan, his fren from daycare, and I think the day was a little better.

We are now at day 4, he still says he does not want to go to school and wants to go to the babysitter's house. He will cry when he gets to school, but supposedly stops earlier. At the end of the day, he wants to bring home his pillow and blanket so that he does not have to go to school again... I really think that having Ethan there has helped..:)

We have to pack lunch for him, and even when he sees us packing his lunch box, he says "I don't want to go to school". heheh. So, lunches have been simple; pasta, peanut butter jelly bread, chicken strips.. we usually add some cookies so it would be fun. So far, he has not eaten too much. The school gives snacks with milk.

I am glad we finally have him in school. He has come home with many sheets of art which means he gets to do stuff that he does not do at home. Since he doesn't like school, he does not want to tell me what he does in school. He did mention that he saw strawberries and they were still small and cannot be eaten yet.

Happy schooling Ryan!

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