Monday, July 20, 2009

Ryan and his water table

We finally decided to buy Ryan the Step 2 Water Table...a couple of our frens have the same table and we have seen their kids play at the table for a long timeframe, so why not keep Ryan busy as well (urm, maybe it's more keep Ryan busy and keep us less busy..;))

Ryan loves the table. I guess just playing with water makes him super happy..hehehe..

So, on day 1, I said to Gordon," let's see how long before Ryan climbs on the table". I said it would take 5 days.. Gordon said it would take longer.

Day 2, Ryan climbs on the table.... boys will be boys, I guess...:P

I think Ryan and his baby brother are going to have loads of fun with this water table..:)

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Adeline Chin said...

Wah the water table looks like so much fun! Lucky boy! He's also grown so big. :)