Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy Birthday to me..:)

Happy bday to me!
I celebrated my bday again this year ..;) (like every year).hehehe.. this year, we did not have a cake since 
I am trying to eat less sugar with this pregnancy.
My sis and hubby bought us Japanese dinner. Yums! We tried out a small japanese restaurant in Oakland called Geta sushi. This place is tiny! It fits like 15 customers..but we got a table for 4 and ordered our food.
Since my sis was paying, Gordon decided to order everything! Yah, what is a pregnant woman doing eating in a japanese restaurant with raw fish? hehehehe. Here is what he ordered....
Sashimi special
Tempura appetizer
Salmon bento box (for Ryan and my mom)
Spider roll, raw scallop roll, dragon roll
It was a lot of food for three adults and a toddler..:) but, we ate most of it up. Yums again! Thank you sis..hehehehe...check out the video..;)

Our family picture..:)
On my bday morning, we headed out for brunch at a breakfast place in Oakland (i think the name was Mama's breakfast place). Food was good again (thank goodness for yelp and the reviews).

Mummy and ryan with his cheeky smile

Bday celebrations are always fun. It is nice to spend it with family.:)

Oh and facebook is great too! I got so many wishes on facebook....heheheh.

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Adeline Chin said...

Looking good mama :) Your bump look so cute!